6 Original Gift Ideas for a Pianist

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No matter the type of person you are, you will have one friend who is a music geek! This type of person exists who always has the headphones on. He will recommend music to people regularly and always solicit for music recommendations. Also, you will always know that he is around when you hear music playing. Choosing an original gift for a pianist can sometimes be tricky. Below are some musician gift ideas for the piano aficionado in your life and any of these gifts will be a home run for someone who loves music. Any of these gifts will impress your key player hopefully and help get rid of some of the stress and worry.

1. Piano-Backpack – From your pianist’s planner to his music sheet to his music player filled with Daniel Barenboïm’ 27 Mozart concertos, giving out this piano-backpack as a gift is very important. It is a perfect gift for music students, musicians, music teachers and anyone that loves playing the piano. Our piano backpack features piano keys, treble clef, and music notes. It is a perfect gift which a music lover will never resist!

2. Playable Tie Do you always have a boring meeting? Or most of your time in the office is quiet? Then, this piano tie will be of great help – just tap a tune out on your new piano tie! You can think of it as a compressed version of the classic piano floor. Be careful not to exasperate your co-workers.

3. Business Card Holder Get this as a gift for that pianist and people will always want to meet him. Who wouldn't like to meet a business person who gives out a piano filled with business cards? Don't worry, the integrity your cards will be protected by RFID and the "velvet-like" interior of the cardholder lest you fret about such things.

4. Witty T-shirts  Every pianist has a different sense of humor, though most of them may be too shy to express it. With the help of these t-shirts, you are sure to help solve the problem. Some of these t-shirts are encoded with slogans across the board ranging from “That’s a sharp, not a hashtag” to “Stop! You’re under a rest” and the classic line that has become abundantly cringe-worthy, “I’ll be Bach.”

5. Shower Curtain Your pianist friend may be a type that does sing in the shower, you can gift him a shower curtain. This will boost his inspiration, and he may become a good composer in the shower. To maximise this decorative potential, a smart way is to create a keyboard of towels. To create an illusion of another piano in the shower, get two bath-sized white towels, then place two black hand towels over the bath towels. This will help you become a better composer right from the shower.

6. Carpet, Cover of Toilet, Walk-in WC, Keyboard, and Music Being a pianist, no part of your toilet should be left untouched by the impact of the piano. Your pianist friend could find inspiration anywhere even in the toilet – being a simple and necessary place. This must be one of the fun gifts to receive and give to a pianist friend. They are made of fabric and provide a soft and comfortable feeling. The carpet does not slip, non-toxic and not moldy. Their design is so perfect that they are easy to clean, absorbs water with a good sliding resistance. Let your pianist friend add a touch of life to his bathroom with this awesome gift!

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