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In the 1700s, a musical instrument was given birth by the hands of Bartolomeo Cristofori, which was to be called the piano. Little did anyone know that his attempt at merely improving clavier and harpsichord was to change the music scene of the world forever. And indeed it did. The piano was accepted, rejoiced, celebrated, and refined through the course of its life. Many creators and producers of the piano added something of their own to the structure of it during this time: Gottfried Silbermann invented the forerunner, Sebastien Erard made necessary arrangements for the repetition of the notes, Steinway & Sons can be accredited for the advent of 88-key piano, and a lot of other pioneers had their contributions to its structure and function.


As the contributions increased, many brands emerged with their own philosophy of piano manufacturing and customer appeal. Now, if we look at the market, there are hundreds of brands that sell pianos of great character.

As it happens with everything, there are masters of this market and we would talk about them later in this article. For the time being, let’s see why selecting the perfect piano is a bit hard.

Selecting the best piano for yourself

Whether you are a concert performer or someone just beginning to polish his/her skills, selecting the best piano depends on your very needs. There is a piano out there for every purpose and every person and you could be lucky to find your soul instrument.

In selecting your perfect piano, you can only check out the keyboard’s response, the material it is made of, and its acoustics. However, you can only know a piano to its fullest when you hear someone play it or ‘hear it from the hall’ as Maestro Davis puts it [1]

Not just him, every famous pianist has termed the selection process nothing but an ordeal. One of the quotes that will help us conclude this part of the article is the saying of Arthur Rubinstein. He says,

“There is no such thing as bad pianos, only bad pianists!”. [2]

The master piano makers

What we tried to convey so far does not mean that you shouldn’t scout for the best brands out there. This especially applies to big performances – the ones that require great scrutiny from the pianist in selecting the best piano.

You can keep the sayings of the master pianists we quoted above, but still, there are some brands that are even preferred by them. This is because those brands have been continually doing great when it comes to manufacturing the pianos for concert levels.

Let’s have a look at them.

1. Steinway & Sons

Emerged as a company in 1853, Steinway & Sons has been ruling over the market of piano manufacturing since its advent. Every piano that it makes takes around 1 year and is made up of around 12000 individual parts. The company has some 127 patents to its name and the majority of the pianists of the world prefer it because it is the pioneer of creating modern pianos with 88 keys. However, if you cannot afford their premium pianos, you can buy Essex or Boston, which are two sub-brands of Steinway & Sons and are aimed at entry-level and mid-level markets.

2. Fazioli

Talking about luxury concert pianos, Fazioli is the choice of many concert pianists. Besides being premium with ultimate touch and tone, the pianos made by this brand are heavier than you think with approximately 570 kg weight in total. However, even this weight is accepted by master pianists because of the quality Fazioli promises. In fact, the whole philosophy of this company revolves around quality as they strive to produce only 130 pianos per year. This means that they come with a hefty price tag, but it’s totally worth it, indeed.

3. Bösendorfer

Unlike Fazioli, Bösendorfer is the oldest player in luxury piano making. It came into being in 1828 and since then, it has made a mark with its unique range of pianos, some of which have an extended keyboard of 97 keys. It was this 97-key keyboard that had made the Emperor of Austria name Bösendorfer the royal piano maker and it still has the upper hand in the market pertaining to this innovation.

So, this is all fellow pianists. If you want to buy a perfect piano for yourself, listen to your heart before thinking about which brand to choose. This will automatically make you look for a piano that suits your taste rather than the one that is popular. However, if you are just looking for a concert piano, consider the brands we’ve talked about above.



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