About Us

Welcome to PIANOFUNNY!


Music is a universal symbol for expression because music functions as a language of the emotions, and millions of people learn, practice and master the piano every single year. People love the king of instruments due to its distinct sound, flexibility, and the endless amount of possibilities. Now, here at PIANOFUNNY, we’re on a mission to add a different aspect of fun to playing the popular instrument.


Our passion for the piano shines through in all of our products, and that’s because we are unconditional admirers of those who provide us with the beautiful tune from a piano. We deeply believe that those individuals who practice on the piano religiously, and develop an extraordinary ability, are special human beings. Although it’s challenging to become fluent on any instrument, we feel it’s especially difficult on a piano.


Moreover, we target every single person who has a strong interest in pianos. You see, other than the vast array of rhythms that you can compose with each key, there’s no other way of displaying your personality. That’s why we endeavor to combine the excellence and elegance of a piano, with the fun-factor of accessories and gifts.


Just imagine playing the famous ‘Moonlight Sonata’ by Ludwig van Beethoven, with a premium piano bow tie around your neck. Alternatively, maybe you’d enjoy playing your favorite songs, with an adhesive piano wall decoration directly in front of you. When we say that we possess a unique range of piano-orientated products that will make you smile, we aren’t exaggerating.


For instance, let’s say two of your hobbies are playing the piano, and baking delicious cakes. But, you’ve never really found a way to combine the two. After all, who can multitask enough to bake and play, eh? But, with PIANOFUNNY, you can wear piano keyboard leggings, and use piano cake or biscuit molds!


There are plenty more items that epitomize our brand, and we strive to create a reputation for being reliable, quality, and a trusted member of the piano community. Why? Well, because not only do we appreciate that consumers are at the heart of our business, but we’re also fans of the instrument ourselves. Ultimately, our reputation is determined by the satisfaction of our customers, and that’s why we never compromise on our high standards.


At the end of the day, we want as many people as possible to adore pianos as much as we do. Our strategy to achieve that is to continue creating innovative, vibrant and creative items, so that you can view playing the piano in a light and humorous way, as well as a serious skill. The more you laugh and smile while thinking of pianos, the more the community will prosper, and the happier we’ll feel at PIANOFUNNY.


Take a look around our store, and if you find something that catches your eye, be assured that you’ll be paying a low price for a wonderful product.

Anyway, have a great day,