Adhesive Wall Decoration Kittens Playing Piano Pegatina Muro

Adhesive Wall Decoration, Kittens Playing Piano


Adhesive Wall Decoration

Mural with kittens and pianos

Decorate walls and furniture with our wall stickers and surprise yourself how easy and fun decorating can be.

Easy to apply self-adhesive and easy to remove.

Flexible and very thin material – looks like it is painted on the wall, no white or transparent edges.

Model: wall sticker, Decal.

Theme: Animal, cats, piano

Specificity: shipment in one piece package

Plastic material

Material: high quality

Measures: 60x90cm (24x36in)

Reference size: 85x125cm (33x49in)

Application: home decoration

Others: waterproof, respect the environment

Applies: on flat, clean surfaces, mirrors; perfect for glass walls, so you can admire the decal on both sides.